Need For Training Course

Srila Prabhupada often did not like the idea of professional Bhägavata Kathas. In his various quotes in Bhaktivedänta purports, Srila Prabhupada has listed the three exact reasons why most bhāgavata kathās are not able to become effective:

(1) The speaker is non-devotee, but is simply a professional who is into the kathā for money.

(2) The audience is not śuśrūṣatām(eager to render service). The audience simply wants to hear something flowery, take prasāda and go home.

(3) The kathā goes on for only seven days.  

With a view to create ISKCON’s own pure variety of bhāgavata kathā platform which will be free of the defects that are currently plaguing many bhāgavata kathās in the world outside, IIAC has designed a framework for Bhägavata Kathas in ISKCON. These kathas will be free from professional money making, non-vaisnava behaviour and irresponsible preaching.

The standards, rules and guidelines finalized by IIAC is to be followed by organisers and speakers of katha.

Details of Training Course: ……..(To be updated)